All list are updated frequently. Please refer to our latest lists prior to ordering, as some plants are in short supply. Contact us if you canīt find what you want as we may be able to provide it for you from our private collection. All plants are propagated from seeds or cuttings.


Can I order plants from the gallery?

In our gallery you can see examples of our mother plants that are rarely for sale. Sometimes extreme variegated plants which are difficult or impossible for us to propagate are avability. Occasionally we offer small offsets for sale in our Special Plants sales pages. Please donīt hesitate to ask if you have some particular interest or if you want make a reserve

What mean LOZ?

My surname is Lozano so LOZ is our reference collection number. This number is very important in plants of Aloe and Haworthia genus, specially in the cultivars names. Each cultivar have a different LOZ number. With time we want publicate and give good cultivars name to some of our best plants, so in the future maybe some LOZ number are substitute for a valid name, but of course keep always your LOZ number for future reference because will not change never. At the moment the parents of the crossing are hidden.

What is the size of the plants?

In the special plant sales page you will find a scale which is normally 10 cm. long (4 inches). This save to our a lot of work and you can use more or less as reference of the size. In the general catalogue the size of the plants is bigger, because the plants grow faster. These plants are grow in pot size of 7, 9 and 11 cm. of diameter so you can judge the size of the plants you will be receive.

What is the cost of shipment?

The cost of shipping depends the number and quantity of plants ordered, but generally Haworthia are small plants and we can usually include them all in one small parcel. Shipping costs reflect the actual cost of shipping by postal service and varies according to the destination Spain, European or International. You can ask for more details. All packages are sent by registered Express Mail.  The time of delivery is usually 4-5 business days for all Europe, and 6-7 for international shipments. In Spain delivery is generally within 24-48 hours.


We dont accept Paypal. Bank transfer is the fastest safest method with low bank charges. You can use too Western Union, or postal money order. Only payments made in Euros are accepted.


Remember in the section special plants the picture corresponds to the plant you will receive. Please add the code of the plant in your order.

OS: Out of stock

On receipt of your order we will inform you as soon as possible about the availability of the plants. We do not send substitutes if the plants are out of stock.

Plants are sent after receipt of payment.

We send regulary a short mail when some section (generally we sales pages) are update. If you want receive this please write a e-mail for we can add to our mailing list.

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